Contributing to Harmonious Progress

In a radical transformation of its business, ENGIE unveils new projects that showcase the tremendous potential of the energy revolution. Together, they form an innovative offer that combines a high level of performance and durability, while allowing all to be involved in more harmonious progress.

Today, ENGIE proves this commitment through #ENGIEHarmonyProject, a large-scale movement that unites various initiatives conceived by its collaborators and partners, integrating this balance between individual interests and collective stakes.

The objective: to continue to pioneer by inspiring – and in turn being inspired by – this community of Imaginative Builders, and fast-track solutions that have harmonious progress in mind.

Our Contribution

#ENGIEHarmonyProject is a series of global initiatives that brings harmonious progress to life. Each initiative is the result of blending ENGIE’s expertise with the know-how of a partner. Startups, artists, farmers, collaborators… together, we imagine, build, and deploy innovations that shape a more harmonious future.

Imagining Together

At ENGIE, we foster a community of Imaginative Builders. Each of us plays an essential role in the innovation of tomorrow and accelerates the implementation of projects with widespread impact. What binds us: our drive to imagine and create solutions for harmonious progress.
Meet the Imaginative Builders