Presents the First Hydrogen Ship World Tour

ENERGY OBSERVER is a ship that circumnavigates the world and functions as a laboratory, testing new energy solutions in a marine environment, under extreme conditions. This boat is powered by renewable energy and hydrogen, which it produces on board using ocean water. More than a boat, it is a clean and autonomous energy system, which prefigures the energy solutions of tomorrow.

Energy Observer, a ship-laboratory that runs on renewable energy and hydrogen, is Engie's latest harmonious project

The Pioneers behind the Project

Behind this project, there are women and men working together to shape a better world for all of us. Their strength lies in the complementary nature of their expertise and their drive to lead a powerful collective effort that benefits all. These passionate people are the Imaginative Builders.

Energy Observer, a floating ship-laboratory that runs on renewable energy and hydrogen, contributing to Engie's harmonious progress
Jérôme Delafosse

"ENERGY OBSERVER is an odyssey to rediscover how to live in harmony with the world around us. Moved by a pioneering spirit, which we share with ENGIE, we will explore ways to promote sustainable growth and a cleaner future."

Jérôme Delafosse

Expedition Manager


Victorien Erussard

"On land and at sea, alternative energies (solar, wind, hydrogen, etc.) and storage solutions are complementary. We must learn to make them work together. There is not just one solution to global warming, but a multitude of possibilities."

Victorien Erussard

Founder and Captain


Caroline Hillegeer

"This project is a scaled-down model of a 100% renewable energy system of tomorrow. With ENERGY OBSERVER, we demonstrate that innovative solutions are now accessible to everyone, everywhere. It's incredibly motivating!"

Renewable energies and hydrogen, keys to harmonious progress for Engie and Energy Observer with with ENGIE Harmony Project

Complementary energy for a carbon-free future

Ensuring energy autonomy by coupling hydrogen and renewable energies is a small revolution in our daily lives, along with the development of hydrogen mobility. Used as complementary fuel in electric or gas-powered vehicles, hydrogen increases their autonomy and reduces their charging time, without producing any air or noise pollution!

Hydrogen, a green and carbon-free energy for the future, is at the heart of Engie's harmonious project with ENGIE Harmony Project


Hydrogen could contribute up to 20% of the CO₂ reduction target by 2050 according to the Hydrogen Council.

In Mexico City, Solar Graffiti is contributing to harmonious and sustainable development with ENGIE Harmony Project

Beyond energy, contributing to harmonious progress

Get involved with #ENGIEHarmonyProject

The great challenge of our time: reconciling economic and social development with the preservation of resources. To achieve this, we must collectively imagine and build harmonious progress, involving everyone. ENGIE proves its commitment with #ENGIEHarmonyProject. In collaboration with other innovators, we explore effective and sustainable solutions to reconcile individual interests and collective issues.