Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Presents a new Metropolitan Centre for London

The mission of the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) is to use the opportunity of the creation of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to change the lives of people in east London and drive growth and investment in London and the UK, by developing an inspiring and innovative place where people want – and can afford – to live, work and visit.
As a valued partner, ENGIE is committed to offering everyone access to desirable living spaces and to clean, sustainable and locally produced energy.



Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park sports facility, supplied with green energy by Engie with ENGIE Harmony Project

The Pioneers behind the Project

Behind this project, there are women and men working together to shape a better world for all of us. Their strength lies in the complementary nature of their expertise and their drive to lead a powerful collective effort that benefits all. These passionate people are the Imaginative Builders.



Swimmer in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, supplied with carbon-free energy by Engie with ENGIE Harmony Project
Perry Cook

It’s important to highlight the social impact that our work here on the park is having. It could inspire other places to take the necessary steps to become more sustainable and desirable.”

In London, within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Engie is supporting clean energy thanks to tri-generation with ENGIE Harmony Project
Adèle Lefebvre

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a really buzzing place and our work here has really helped to rejuvenate the neighbourhood. Some of the locals are amazed by how much the park has changed!”

Athlete jogging around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, supplied with clean energy by Engie with ENGIE Harmony Project

Enhancing the Park and its Energy

Located in East London, the new neighbourhood around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park benefits from best-in-class services. Thanks to tri-generation – heating, air conditioning and electricity are generated using the local biomass, a solution that meets everyday needs while significantly reducing COemissions. To guarantee a high quality living environment, locally recruited teams keep the Park and its facilities well maintained–a truly integrated service offering.

In London, in the heart of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Engie is committed to clean energy with ENGIE Harmony Project


ENGIE is a key player in energy services in the United Kingdom.

In Mexico City, Solar Graffiti is contributing to harmonious and sustainable development with ENGIE Harmony Project

Beyond energy, contributing to harmonious progress

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The great challenge of our time: reconciling economic and social development with the preservation of resources. To achieve this, we must collectively imagine and build harmonious progress, involving everyone. ENGIE proves its commitment with

#ENGIEHarmonyProject. In collaboration with other innovators, we explore effective and sustainable solutions to reconcile individual interests and collective issues.