Presents Collaborative Electric Mobility

Rotterdam committed to reducing air pollution, road traffic and the resulting noise nuisance. To achieve this, the municipality launched a large-scale electric mobility program and developed a robust network of charging stations for local residents and the city’s vehicle fleet alike. By 2020, 1,800 connected charging spots will be deployed where users need them most. A mission entrusted to ENGIE and EVBox to improve air quality in a sustainable way.

The Pioneers behind the Project

Behind this project, there are women and men working together to shape a better world for all of us. Their strength lies in the complementary nature of their expertise and their drive to lead a powerful collective effort that benefits all. These passionate people are the Imaginative Builders.

Anca Luca

“We, the Imaginative Builders, are a community. We may work on different projects, but our objective remains the same: Have a positive impact on society.”

Hugo Pereira

"This project raises our environmental awareness. Since I started working in this industry, I've become more aware of my carbon footprint.”

Souleymane Cissé

"More than 55,000 charging stations have already been installed worldwide. We want to set up one million by 2025!”

Making Electric Mobility Intelligent

Noise and pollution, two of the most crippling problems facing major urban areas. In Rotterdam, users can choose, collaboratively and via a dedicated platform, the future locations of EVBox charging stations areas to facilitate electric mobility, whether it be close to work, home, train stations, parking lots, or carpooling meet-up points. The town council can also monitor recharging cycles and control the energy consumption of the terminals, all via embedded SIM cards.


According to the WHO, 92% of the world's inhabitants are exposed to poor air quality, mainly in metropolitan areas.

In Mexico City, Solar Graffiti is contributing to harmonious and sustainable development with ENGIE Harmony Project

Beyond Energy, Contributing to Harmonious Progress

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The great challenge of our time: reconciling economic and social development with the preservation of resources. To achieve this, we must collectively imagine and build harmonious progress, involving everyone. ENGIE proves its commitment with #ENGIEHarmonyProject. In collaboration with other innovators, we explore effective and sustainable solutions to reconcile individual interests and collective issues.