Presents Livin’

In Brazil, the city of Niterói, located in the greater Rio area, is facing a common challenge for booming metropolitan areas: traffic congestion. In order to improve traffic fluidity and provide better quality of life for its residents, the city launched an ambitious program featuring intelligent, automated and real-time urban traffic management based on Livin’, a solution developed by ENGIE that brings smart cities to life.

The Pioneers behind the Project

Behind this project, there are women and men working together to shape a better world for all of us. Their strength lies in the complementary nature of their expertise and their drive to lead a powerful collective effort that benefits all. These passionate people are the Imaginative Builders.

Regulating Urban Traffic

Urban traffic management is a crucial challenge for metropolitan areas. In Niterói, more than 200 smart cameras continuously monitor the number of vehicles in the city’s ten most congested areas. They relay this information in real time to 190 traffic-light controllers, who can adapt the duration of traffic lights. This cuts down travel time while reducing fuel consumption, polluting emissions, and risk of accidents.


By 2050, 67% of the world's population will live in cities

In Mexico City, Solar Graffiti is contributing to harmonious and sustainable development with ENGIE Harmony Project

Beyond Energy, Contributing to Harmonious Progress

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The great challenge of our time: reconciling economic and social development with the preservation of resources. To achieve this, we must collectively imagine and build harmonious progress, involving everyone. ENGIE proves its commitment with #ENGIEHarmonyProject. In collaboration with other innovators, we explore effective and sustainable solutions to reconcile individual interests and collective issues.