Presents Solar Graffiti

In Mexico City, a unique and artistic light installation has helped locals reclaim the Gomez-Farias sports complex, previously dimly lit and unsafe at night. Composed of 111 organic, flexible, colored solar films, Solar Graffiti combines street art and an entirely new technology to give residents the pleasure of going out after dark once again and to revive the neighbourhood. Thanks to 15 new LED street lights, the space is once again convivial, well lit and safe. Enough to transform the face of the neighbourhood.

In Mexico City, Engie presents Solar Graffiti, a harmonious project that runs on solar energy and contributes to harmonious progress with ENGIE Harmony Project

The Pioneers behind the Project

Behind this project, there are women and men working together to shape a better world for all of us. Their strength lies in the complementary nature of their expertise and their drive to lead a powerful collective effort that benefits all. These passionate people are the Imaginative Builders.

A technician working on the harmonious project, Solar Graffiti, an artistic installation in Mexico City made entirely of solar films with ENGIE Harmony Project
Étienne Lerch

"This project has been a defining personal experience: all this energy, all these people from completely different industries working together to achieve the same goal… it was incredibly inspiring."

Raquel Cisneros Guzman

"This project mixes creation and innovation. It demonstrates that new and clean technologies are developing and are now applicable everywhere."

Quentin van Nieuwenhoven

"I’m motivated by the opportunity to bring energy wherever possible, and even beyond! With Solar Graffiti, we were able to illuminate a sports field with a fully independent power source. It was a first for us!"

Agnes Jahnke

"Being part of this project makes me particularly proud. It shows that you can bring clean energy to the people and get the community involved in the journey towards a sustainable future."

Virginia de Guillebon

"I will continue to keep a close eye on Heliatek’s industrial development and its multi-purpose organic solar films. It has the potential to be the beginning of a new era for solar energy!"

Photovoltaic solar energy converts the sun's rays into electricity thanks to solar films with ENGIE Harmony Project

Photovoltaic Solar Energy: Unlimited Potential

The ability to convert the sun’s rays into electricity allows us to meet the energy needs of the world’s population with no risk of depleting our global reserves! And thanks to the solar films developed by the start-up Heliatek, everyone can produce their own electricity. Flexible and thin, made from carbon and plastic, these organic films can be attached to any type of surface and easily recycled.

It is thanks to solar films that solar photovoltaic energy converts the sun's rays into electricity with ENGIE Harmony Project


Solar energy has the potential to produce 20x the world's energy needs. ENGIE is a key player in solar energy production in France, with an output of 900 MW of solar capabilities at the end of 2017.

In Mexico City, Solar Graffiti is contributing to harmonious and sustainable development with ENGIE Harmony Project

Beyond solar energy, contributing to harmonious progress.

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The great challenge of our time: reconciling economic and social development with the preservation of resources. To achieve this, we must collectively imagine and build harmonious progress, involving everyone. ENGIE proves its commitment with #ENGIEHarmonyProject. In collaboration with other innovators, we explore effective and sustainable solutions to reconcile individual interests and collective issues.